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Eagle Press is India's premier printing house founded by Mr. M.J.Prathapsingh in 1956. We have been manufacturing premium quality diaries and planners for over 59 years.

Having earned the confidence of millions of satisfied customers from across the world; we continually aspire to create diaries and planners that are in a class of its own.

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With over 60 YEARS of trust, innovation and leadership Eagle Diaries has been continuously innovating and improvising to ensure that our customers are provided with products of the highest quality, which in turn has made us one of the leading diary manufacturers in our country. Our philosophy of 'Kaizen' or 'continuous improvement' has been at the core of new and inspiring designs we release every year. Stringent quality control and unrivaled production standards ensure that only the most superior products reach you, year after year.

This year is no different with a range of diaries, handbooks and organizers, designed specifically keeping your varied requirements in mind. This year's offerings feature a brand-new range of contemporary designs, entwined with timeless classics that have been your steadfast confidants over the years. Featuring a spectrum of colours, textures and customization options, our bespoke diaries are best suited to highlight your individuality. Be it to archive your accomplishments or strategizing to achieve greater heights, Eagle Diaries looks forward to being by your side - every day, on every page.

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The Day-A-page, Saturday-Sunday clubbed diaries is a perfect companion and ideal for easy handling. Available in B5 sizes.

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Diaries and Planners

Prestige Diary

The Prestige Diary is for the connoisseur with high taste seeking splendour.


Eagle Chairman Diary is a mark of sophistication and is for the person who needs to convey authority, class and distinction.


Eagle presents a wide range of day a page diaries with separate pages for Saturday and Sunday.