Why "Tourist"?

          The eagle TOURIST and POPULAR Diaries represent the most enduring models available in retail, with an unbroken production history spanning over 55 years. Originally designated as the “eagle DESK DIARY”, these eagle diaries remain unparalleled as premier desk and travel planning tools in contemporary settings.

          In 1975, due to reasons pointing to national economic considerations, restrictions were imposed on the production of large daily planners with high page counts. During this period, approval was granted for the eagle COMMERCIAL DIARY, characterized by its vintage crown-sized dimensions (similar to B6). Conversely, restrictions were imposed on the eagle DESK DIARY due to its vintage Demy-sized dimensions (similar to A5). This posed a considerable challenge, as there were a few customers who highly favoured the eagle DESK DIARY for its “One Day a Page” format and portable design.

        Despite the low demand for the eagle DESK DIARY at that time, in a move to help both his customers and the industry at large, Mr Pratap Singh, the founder of Eagle Press, undertook the initiative of adapting the eagle DESK DIARY as a comprehensive travel guide for international travellers. The eagle DESK DIARY, became known as the “TOURIST” as it featured valuable supplementary information for travellers and “tour planners”. Given that the “eagle TOURIST DIARY” served the dual purpose of supporting national interests in enriching Indian tourism and accommodating the need for a full page for daily notes during travel, restrictions on it were lifted.

          The success of the eagle TOURIST DIARY was marked by its heightened demand, attracting both tourists and non-tourists alike. It swiftly became a best-seller, surpassing its earlier iteration. Eagle Press’ dedication to even the smallest customer demand has led to this success. This legacy endures as the eagle TOURIST and POPULAR Diaries maintain their status as highly sought-after favourites, serving as indispensable daily planners for both desk and travel purposes.


“Indira Gandhi’s Call for Emergency and Press Censorship in India: The Ethical Parameters Revisited”  Dr. Jhumur Ghosh, University of Calcutta.